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Cost-Effective Ballast Replacement & Dedicated Circuit Installation

Green Line Electric of Shelton, Washington, saves companies operational expenses through ballast replacement and dedicated circuit installation. Our team is technically sharp, proactive in project management, and consistent in delivering results.


All fluorescent light fixtures consist of at least a lamp (or lamps), lamp holders, ballast, and internal wiring. The ballast creates the voltage and current necessary to start and illuminate the lamp and usually requires replacement due to age and wear.

Ballast Facts:

• Ballasts can consume up to 20% of power from the lighting system.
• Standard ballasts are magnetic and upgraded to electronic ballasts for optimal
  efficiency, causing less energy consumption and heat to reduce the load on
  air conditioning and save you money.
• It is best to use electronic ballasts rated for less than 10% total harmonic
  distortion to limit the effect on other electrical devices, such as computer or 
  telephone systems.
• Some ballasts feature dimming capabilities.
• Most ballasts have surge and thermal protection with high power factors.

Dedicated Circuits

With the technological advances we utilize today, it is important to avoid hazards and unnecessary repairs by verifying the proper flow of electricity to electronic devices. Installing dedicated circuits and outlets in your electrical system establishes the appropriate amperage required for appliances and office equipment needs.



Our technicians are trained and experienced problem solvers ready to troubleshoot, locate, and repair your electrical system before it becomes a hazard or annoyance.

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